The Clients We Serve

Our customers are the major stakeholders of the post-acute and long-term care populations.  These include:

  • Large, complex providers of post acute services (skilled nursing facilities, home care agencies, hospice, assisted living, supportive housing)
  • Hospitals and health systems who need to prevent inappropriate hospitalizations and are financially at risk for them such as in the case of bundled payment initiatives and other full or partial risk payment relationships
  • Payors (Health Insurance Plans) who are at risk for total health care costs including those which occur in post-acute and long-term care phases.
  • PHOs, IPAs, or large medical groups who have performance based contracts with payors that make them accountable for population health and total healthcare spend.
  • Human service organizations providing residential and community-based services for populations of developmentally disabled, cognitively impaired, or with mental health or substance abuse issues, increasingly moving to managed care revenue streams.