Architects of Value-Based Care

ar·chi·tect noun \ˈär-kə-ˌtekt\
: a person who designs buildings
: a person who designs and guides a plan, project, etc.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What is Value-Based Health Care?
Value-based health care (VBHC) is a health care management strategy focusing on costs, quality and, most importantly, outcomes.
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

The Tomaino Group supports leaders of healthcare organizations that are responding to the accountable care environment, especially those looking to transform their business processes to accommodate changes in reimbursement and new performance requirements by building models of value-based care. We provide continuing education offerings and other information products that support transformations in healthcare. Such transformations often require significant changes in care delivery models, staffing, compensation strategies, and performance monitoring– all while leveraging the use of new or existing information systems.  In some special cases, new business lines may be required.  Our products help industry leaders respond effectively to these challenges.

Joseph Tomaino during recent work with a home health care and hospice agency.
Joe Tomaino in a home health care simulation center he designed, which is used to prepare staff for new care management processes using tele-health technologies.

The Tomaino Group is an NAB approved sponsor of continuing education units for nursing home and assisted living facility administrators.

Joe is committed to understanding your needs and giving you innovative,cost efficient, and at the same time high quality solutions to issues surrounding Continuing Care. He fits in well with any team and helps determine the right answers and right solutions.

Jack Pease,  Senior Administrator at Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center, Syracuse, NY